Apple and Tesla Stok Jump to Start 2022

2022新年第一个交易日,Apple 和 Tesla 都有很好的表现,一起来看一下华尔街是怎么报道的。


Apple Briefly Tops $3 Trillion Market Cap
Briefly 短暂地,第二次遇到该单词了;
top 这里用作动词;
标题 苹果公司市值一度突破3万亿美元

The iPhone maker’s shares closed below the milestone after a 41% jump since the beginning of 2021

touch $3 trillion in market value

cross that level intraday

adding around $2 trillion in market capitalization

Tesla Stock Jumps to Start 2022

exercise millions of Tesla stock options

increase the investors' wariness about prospects for the broad market

be fifth on the list of companies xxx


The move marked the latest milestone in a pandemic-era surge that carried shares of Apple and other large technology companies to unprecedented highs.
mark the milestone 标志着一个里程碑
in a pandemic-era surge 在流感大流行的时代
carry shares of AA to unprecedented highs 将AA的股价带至前所未有的高度

Apple is a staple in retail and institutional investors’ portfolios.
a staple in: staple本身是订书钉的意思

Apple was one the five biggest contributors to the S&P 500’s 27% rally in 2021 along with Microsoft Corp. , Nvidia Corp. , Alphabet Inc. and Tesla Inc., which together accounted for 31% of the index’s performance in 2021, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices data.
根据标准普尔的数据,苹果公司是 S&P 500 指数在2021年触底反弹27%的五大贡献者之一。它和微软,英伟达,Alphabet 公司和特斯拉公司一起共同贡献了指数的31%。
the S&P 500’s 27% rally rally一般指大跌后的回升
account for

The stock rose $143, or 14%, to $1,199.78. The S&P 500, meanwhile, added 0.6%.(Tesla)
股票涨了143美元即14%,至1199.78美元。同时 S&P 500 指数增加了 0.6%。

Tesla ended the day 2.4% below its record close of $1,229.91, set Nov. 4. 特斯拉那日收盘价比11月4日创下的1229.91美元的历史收盘价低2.4%。

A majority of voters backed the sale, and Tesla shares dropped 16% over the next two trading sessions.
back vt 赞成支持

Tesla is one of a handful of big tech stocks that drove the stock market higher for much of 2021.
a handful of 少数
much of 2021 2021的多,意为2021牛市
drive sth higher for

The narrowing of the market’s advance around those companies suggested investors were reaching for safety through bets on large, profitable companies.

The tally, higher than expected by analysts surveyed by FactSet, showed that Tesla could achieve strong growth in a time of lackluster expansion for the global auto industry.
tally 计数

Monday’s share-price gain built upon a 50% advance for the stock in 2021.
share-price gain,表示 股票收益率。