Something soars past $1bn


latest filing 最新提交的文件
net income 净收入 net profit 净利润
market cap 市值
be crippled by a global chip shortage 受全球芯片短缺的影响;cripple 受到严重削弱; grow 60 per cent a year for the foreseeable future 在可预见的未来将以每年60%的速度增长
an upgrade for $1,000 upfront 预付1000元进行升级
potentially run afoul of regulators 与监管者发生潜在冲突; afoul: adj & adv, 冲撞的,纠缠的
ask the tough questions about the chip shortage


XX soars past $1bn in market value 标题撰写, soar的使用

XX has become the first shoemaker to be valued at $1bn.
to be 修饰 shoemaker, 成为第一个市值达万亿的鞋制造商

XX's shares closed at 20.4 per cent higher on Tuesday at $1342, bringing year-to-date gains above 80 per cent and lifting the company's market cap past $1bn.
常见的财经新闻用语,注意 year-to-date, lift, market cap;

The order is sizeable for XX, which delivered a total of 888,000 shoes in the second quarter, a record for the company.
常见的财经新闻用语,注意 sizeable(相当可观的), a record for the company。

The announcement had moved valuation, as XX is very much a production ramp problem, not a demand problem.
move可翻译改变(不用change), a production ramp problem 意为产能爬坡问题。 公告提高了估值,虽然XX面临的是产能爬坡问题,而不是需求问题。

its value has increased fivefold with the company now worth more than the next nine most valuable public shoemakers combined. fivefold: 5倍的;类似的还有 fourfold, triple;

It is the fourth Asian company to hit a billion-dollar valuation following A, B and C. 继A,B和C之后第四家市值达到万亿的亚洲公司。

After being mocked for years for failing to produce three consecutive quarters of profit, XX has now earned net income for ten quarters in a row. mock, consecutive, in a row;

XXX is anything but a YYY.

But XX sceptics (/'skeptik/) abound.
abound (不是around) vi 充满,富于;abound with;